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Happy Summer Solstice everyone!
Those of you who follow me on Instagram have noticed that I've spent a lot of time in my garden this spring. I prefer gardening to work out, so it's been a couple of hours. Above is a photo of one of the tulips I planted last fall. 
Winter in Sweden was unusually mild, and spring came early, so flowers and veggies are currently growing like mad. It's with mixed feelings I watch the garden grow like this, as we all know by now, it comes with a price...

My veggie garden is all in wooden containers (pallets) where I grow zucchini, potatoes, beans, lettuce and a few other goodies. The pic below is of the sugar beans today:

But, being me, I grow more than food in the pallets. 
Here are a few of the flowering bulbs from this spring:

.... but behind the scene it's just as messy and functional as ever. Have great weekend friends.

For more photos from my garden, please check out my Instagram gallery.
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How to Celebrate Swedish Midsummer + a DIY flower garland

Friday, June 20, we celebrate Midsummer here in Sweden. I know it's the wrong night (the Summer Solstice is June 21 this year) but the authorities have decided that the official celebrations of Midsummer in Sweden is a Friday, so.... Happy Midsummer!
As usual we celebrate with lots of food, singing and dancing. Old and young, men and women - everyone sport a flower garland as they dance 'round the decorated Maypole. Want to get in the spirit? Check out this video Swedish Midsummer for Dummies:

Our Midsummer is all about flowers.
Wild flowers in the Maypole and the wreaths.
Garden beauties decorate the dinner tables.

Hope you'll have a great weekend too!

Below is a description (in Swedish - hope Google can help out) on how to make your own Midsummer Wreath. (It's a repost from last year, but well worth repeating.)
1. Mät huvudets omkrets
2. Gör en stomme av hyfsat tjock ståltråd med samma omkrets som huvudet
3. Vira grön floratejp eller ett grönt band runt tråden
4. Plocka rikligt med blommor, vackra gräs & ax och gröna blad, som ger stadga åt kransen. (Undvik maskrosor som ger fläckar och kan klia.)
5. Klipp blomstjälkarna ganska korta
6. Bestäm hur "spretig" kransen skall vara och fäst blommor, blad med mera runt stommen med en tunn myrtentråd (finns i blomsteraffären. Bättre än garn som ofta går av. Bättre än ståltråd, som kan vara svår att hantera).
7. Håll kransen fräsch länge genom att duscha den med blomsprutan och lägg i en plastpåse i kylskåpet över natten.
Glad Midsommar!

Old railway sleepers in new design

Already June 2014! It's been an amazing year, with major changes in my life, including re-decorating my home and studio, and more travels than before. And this blog has suffered. But now I back, and plan to give you weekly updates on art, architecture, design and photography, from a wabisabi angle. Let me start with this stunning copper colored house in Portugal, designed by Atelier Data, where they've recycled old railway sleepers everywhere in the structure.

The house is oriented and designed to protect the home from strong winds from the north, while allowing great views of the valley and the city towards the east and the south. More info on Atelier Data's facebook page

WABI SABI interior design art photography
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Dags att anmäla sig till nästa distansutbildning i homestaging - inredning - styling.

Dags att anmäla sig till nästa distansutbildning i homestaging - inredning - styling. Du behöver inga förkunskaper för att gå utbildningen,  men en viss studievana och ett brinnande intresse för färg och form är ett plus. Läs mer om utbildningen här.
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Swedish fun theory!

From Sweden with love. Now YOU do something like this in your town!
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Rustic and raw living Wabi Sabi Style

I love visiting my friend's old farm in Östersund, in the north of Sweden. There are all together eight houses on the land - three of them are homes, dating back to 1710. The big house (above left) was built 1816. As you can see from my photographs I can't get enough of all the naturally aged materials. Wabi Sabi living, if ever there was one! I will show you more images from this wonderful farm in coming days. Until then - enjoy the holiday season wherever you are.  

Above: love the way someone has practiced his signature on a piece of paper found in the house. Below: the view from the train of the passing Swedish countryside

WABI SABI interior design art photography
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No post code envy

Cannot stop listening to this song (European version), with talanted Lorde.
... and December 10, we will see tons of Royals on our TV screens here in Sweden: Nobel Prize time!
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Swedish Design in the Front line

One of many favorite design firms, are the (many times over) award winning Swedish design team Front. I have blogged about their work before, and they keep coming up with new unique designs. With a twist.... 
Remember the Blow Away vase? Here are a few examples of what they'd done since. 
First, the Axor shower system for Hansgrohe. In their own words: We were inspired by water pathways in their most original form. We wanted to draw attention to the hidden aesthetics of technology in a particularly elegant way, turning pipes, joints, valves and funnels into a new shower set.  

The chair Collage (above and below) is part of a series of furniture, that has its origins in the archives of this 150 year old Swedish firm Gemla. Throughout the design process, tools and shapes from the past have been re-used, enhanced and complemented. 

The Elle Deco Winner chair (above) is in the shape of two joined arches and made of wood and upholstered leather. 
The Mikado Cupboard (below) for Porro, is an a transparent structure made of olive ash. The result is a piece of furniture somewhere between a vitrine and a cupboard... 

This year the London Design Museum nominated the Surface Tension Lamp (above) for the Designs of the Year 2013.  
The striped mattress (below) is made for the Italian firm Morfeus 

WABI SABI interior design art photography
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