Kurs i Homestaging - inredning - styling: 2 platser kvar!

Många har frågat efter ytterligare en inredningsutbildning i vår. Därför sätter vi nu in en extrakursi homestaging - inredning - styling, som du kan anmäla dig till direkt. Första gemensamma kurshelg är 15-16 mars. Är du intresserad? Det finns fortfarande 2 platser kvar på utbildningen, så än har du chansen att förverkliga dina inredningsdrömmar i vår! Så snart du anmält dig och betalat kursavgiften, får du de första hemuppgifterna och är igång med din utbildning.

Utbildningen omfattar, förutom eget arbete på hemmaplan, även tre mycket arbetsintensiva kurshelger i Älvängen, strax norr om Göteborg City. Vi träffas följande lördagar och söndagar: 15-16 mars, 29-30 mars, 17-18 maj. Max 6 kursdeltagare, så först till kvarn gäller.... Mer detaljerad information om utbildningen hittar du på vår kursblogg här. Välkommen med din anmälan, så ses vi första kurshelgen i mitten av mars!
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Swedish fun theory!

From Sweden with love. Now YOU do something like this in your town!
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Rustic and raw living Wabi Sabi Style

I love visiting my friend's old farm in Östersund, in the north of Sweden. There are all together eight houses on the land - three of them are homes, dating back to 1710. The big house (above left) was built 1816. As you can see from my photographs I can't get enough of all the naturally aged materials. Wabi Sabi living, if ever there was one! I will show you more images from this wonderful farm in coming days. Until then - enjoy the holiday season wherever you are.  

Above: love the way someone has practiced his signature on a piece of paper found in the house. Below: the view from the train of the passing Swedish countryside

WABI SABI interior design art photography
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No post code envy

Cannot stop listening to this song (European version), with talanted Lorde.
... and December 10, we will see tons of Royals on our TV screens here in Sweden: Nobel Prize time!
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Swedish Design in the Front line

One of many favorite design firms, are the (many times over) award winning Swedish design team Front. I have blogged about their work before, and they keep coming up with new unique designs. With a twist.... 
Remember the Blow Away vase? Here are a few examples of what they'd done since. 
First, the Axor shower system for Hansgrohe. In their own words: We were inspired by water pathways in their most original form. We wanted to draw attention to the hidden aesthetics of technology in a particularly elegant way, turning pipes, joints, valves and funnels into a new shower set.  

The chair Collage (above and below) is part of a series of furniture, that has its origins in the archives of this 150 year old Swedish firm Gemla. Throughout the design process, tools and shapes from the past have been re-used, enhanced and complemented. 

The Elle Deco Winner chair (above) is in the shape of two joined arches and made of wood and upholstered leather. 
The Mikado Cupboard (below) for Porro, is an a transparent structure made of olive ash. The result is a piece of furniture somewhere between a vitrine and a cupboard... 

This year the London Design Museum nominated the Surface Tension Lamp (above) for the Designs of the Year 2013.  
The striped mattress (below) is made for the Italian firm Morfeus 

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Dags att anmäla sig till vinterns utbildning i homestaging-inredning-styling

This blogpost is about my upcoming course in interior design. All Swedish, I'm afraid.

Välkommen att anmäla dig till vinterns inredningskurs. Utbildningen omfattar, förutom eget arbete på hemmaplan, även tre mycket arbetsintensiva kurshelger 2014: 1-2 februari, 1-2 mars,  5-6 april

  • Så snart du bestämt dig för att delta, skickar du in en anmälan via ebrev till designskolan(snabela)gmail.com Välkommen med din anmälan! 
  • När vi tagit emot din anmälan, får du en kursbekräftelse samt faktura på hela kursavgiften. 
  • När avgiften är betald, översändes de första hemuppgifterna, och därmed har du påbörjat distansutbildningen. Förutom eget arbete före och mellan de obligatoriska kursträffarna, ingår tre gemensamma kurshelger, med en rad föreläsningar och praktiska övningar. Max 6 kursdeltagare. Först till kvarn gäller....
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A really cool & creative Christmas present for everyone Young at Heart

Looking for a really cool and unique present? Here is one! My blog friend Jenny Brandt over at dosfamily.com has made a really cool coloring book, based on her photographs of her kids, and traced by her graphic designer husband Jens. To make it all happen she is using crowdfunding, and if you like her idea and want to support her project, then pop over to Indiegogo and order your copy of her El Coloring Book Ridiculoso (which will be delivered worldwide in time for Christmas). Prices range from $10 to $150. If you just want to support her book project, you can donate $3. If you want a unique coloring book, based on you own photographs (!) then you pay $1000. Check out all the different items and prices here. If you prefer to read about this project in Swedish, please go here

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Best way to stay trendy and warm this winter!

Winter is fast approaching in my part of the world, and I am preparing myself and my home for snow. To "help" me I have a nice selection of animal skins. I know they will keep me warm, cause they were all I had some years ago when we had a BIG storm and no electricity for days. I stayed in one room (the kitchen) where those furs (plus some candles and two cats) keep me nice and warm throughout the ordeal. (Now, a hot meal was a whole different matter...)

You may have noticed the trendy thing right now is to get a longhaired, Islandic sheep skin, like the ones above. Personally - I prefer the curly Gotland sheep skins seen in the pictures below.  

Last winter a friend gave me a reindeer skin from Lappland. While the sheep stay indoors, I bring the reindeer outdoor with me to sit on while watching a bonfire or just enjoying a hot cup of java in a sunny spot. 

 What kind of animal skin is YOUR favorite? If any? 
All images via my Pinterest
(Let me know if you have the source of these pics, and I'll add them asap. Thanks for your help.)
WABI SABI interior design art photography
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